When You’re Not “Fine”

When you deal with mental health concerns you are often over-thinking the simple: brushing your teeth is suddenly overwhelming; having a shower becomes optional; and multitasking seems daunting. While very …

The Holidays & Grief


The season has come and surprisingly there may be conflicting emotions when it comes to the “most wonderful time of the year” – this year may be the first year …

Let’s Talk: Resilience

man pulling on large rope

Merriam Webster’s Definition of Resilience noun re·sil·ience | \ ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s \ 1 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by …

Let’s Talk:
Pain and the Problem of Numbers


Our society really likes to measure things. How efficient are you? How successful are you? How many likes do you get? How much do you weigh? How many degrees do …

Let’s Talk:
Peak Performance


Have you ever tried to work towards a goal and find that for every few steps forward, you then take a step or two back? Or have you found stumbling …

Let’s Talk:


Tomorrow I will be offering the first class in a series on self-care. Preparing for this class has offered me an opportunity to reflect on the value of this practice. …

Let’s Talk:
Making Sense of Trauma


Today, as I write this article, the date is Monday December 17, 2012. Three days ago twenty children were murdered in yet another school shooting – perhaps the most disturbing …

Let’s Talk:
The Winter Blues


It’s that time again…at least it is here in the Lower Mainland. That time of year when the clouds set in and don’t budge for months at a time. We …