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Making Sense of Trauma


Today, as I write this article, the date is Monday December 17, 2012. Three days ago twenty children were murdered in yet another school shooting – perhaps the most disturbing …

Let’s Talk:
The Winter Blues


It’s that time again…at least it is here in the Lower Mainland. That time of year when the clouds set in and don’t budge for months at a time. We …

Let’s Talk:


Today is December 13th. In the last few weeks I have received more phone calls than in the full month prior. Christmas time is a time of stress for many …

Let’s Talk:


Recently I was talking with a woman I met while at a fitness class I frequent. In the midst of our chit chat she asked about what I do for …

What Should I ask a Potential Counsellor?


Many people enter into counselling as they do with many other professionals – seeing the counsellor as a superior who has all the answers. The reality is that counsellors are …

What Should I be Looking for in a Counsellor?


So I have mentioned that the counselling profession is having a bit of an identity crisis at this point in history and is composed of a wide variety of individuals …

Where Should I Look for a Counsellor?


In order to find a qualified counsellor in your area, it is often best to start with professional associations in your area. I know I said in the last section …

What is a Counsellor?


What Should I be Looking for in a Counsellor?This is a trickier question than you might expect. In Canada (except for Quebec), the term “counsellor” has no legal regulation around …

Finding a Counsellor


Please visit the links below to posts helping in the search for finding a counsellor. What Is A Counsellor? Where Should I Look For A Counsellor? What Should I Be …