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Pain and the Problem of Numbers


Our society really likes to measure things. How efficient are you? How successful are you? How many likes do you get? How much do you weigh? How many degrees do …

Transitioning to Summer, When You Have Kids


You know those significant events in your life that become that reference point for everything else? Like, “that happened after the accident?”, or “before I got married”, or “after the …

Innovation in Trauma Therapy: OEI

eye closeup

For a long time trauma therapy has involved use of standard talk therapy to recount, relive, and work to heal traumatic events from one’s past. For many who have undergone …

The Red Book


One of the issues I find myself frequently confronted by in my interactions with clients is the difficulty in finding and accessing helping services. Many of my clients come to …

The Power of SandTray


In my attempt to connect with friends far and wide with the social medium of the day, facebook, I came across a fantastic video created by a colleague of mine …

Building The Sound Relationship House


Years ago I was introduced to a book written by John Gottman entitled “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.” It is memorable for me, mostly because it was one …

5 Love Languages


Written by author Gary Chapman, the 5 Love Languages is an excellent resource for couples who find themselves missing the mark with their partner. The book outlines five distinct “languages” …

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Peak Performance


Have you ever tried to work towards a goal and find that for every few steps forward, you then take a step or two back? Or have you found stumbling …

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Tomorrow I will be offering the first class in a series on self-care. Preparing for this class has offered me an opportunity to reflect on the value of this practice. …

Let’s Talk:
Making Sense of Trauma


Today, as I write this article, the date is Monday December 17, 2012. Three days ago twenty children were murdered in yet another school shooting – perhaps the most disturbing …